Hi, my name is Valerio Falcolini, here my new online portfolio

Enjoy, i will add more works soon!

Runecast Solutions Ltd Creative Direction

Avira Design System Illustrations

Runecast Analyzer 5.0 Launch Concept

Avira Design System Iconography Design

Various Artworks and Visuals (Official Designs)

Avira Lifecycle Product Illustrations (Email marketing, Lp , various)

Avira Marketing Design (ADV)

Avira Marketing Design

35mm.it Art Direction

Avira Marketing Design

Avira Various Campaigns (from Concept to Production)

Avira Marketing Design (educational lifecycles pt.2)

Avira Autumn Campaign (Concept Development example)

Hemp Time (Legal CBD product design)

About Me

I am a creative professional with over 16 years of international experience in producing marketing design content, digital advertising, web design and print design. I strongly believe that Communication innovation and strategy, a robust work ethic, productive team collaboration, and effective work processes are all essential to success within creative marketing design.

After 10 years of experience as a Senior Design Consultant and Design Media Production for Avira, my aim is to bring international design and management experience into new projects and Teams, being enthusiast about achievements and seeking to increase sales target revenues and elevate Brands perception and strength.

I am also part of the Avira Design Competence Group) and contributing to their design system and product design development and update.

I love to travel, and i am used to it, thanks to my work i was able to be part in workshops (Brand Redesign for Avira in Munich) conferences like OFFF in Barcelona, and being consultant for various multinational brands keeps me always up to date with new trends not only where i am based , but as a World Citizen.